Linda MacNeal | Professional Speaker Humorist

All seminars are highly interactive and customized to your needs.
These topics can be presented as 1-hour keynotes as well as 1 to 3 hour workshops.

Reclaim Your Sense of Humor

Have you lost or misplaced your sense of humor? This comprehensive course provides usable ideas to incorporate humor into your life and your work. 

Use Humor to Practice Safe Stress

Are you trapped between a clock and a hard drive? Learn simple, sure-fire techniques to improve your health and manage stress.

Laughter: Jest for the Health of It

Learn why laughter really is the best medicine. This lecture explains how science has proven that laughter boosts the immune system, helps fight infection, lowers blood pressure, and leaves you feeling maaaavelous. He/she who laughs, lasts.

Juggling Life's Stresses

Life becomes a juggling act as we are being asked to meet more requirements with fewer resources. This seminar offers a program of scarf-juggling as a metaphor for stress-free living.